Private Fees

Certain services provided are not covered by the NHS and you will be asked to pay a fee for a non-NHS procedure.  Please click here for the full list of fees.

Below is a list of some of the services where you will be charged (if your request is within 5 days you may be charged more):

  • To Whom It May Concern Letters
  • Passport Signing (0 -12 years)
  • Public Carriage Office
  • Full Medical & Report
  • School/University Forms
  • Insurance Claim Forms
  • To Freeze Gym Membership
  • Private Prescriptions
  • Malaria Prescriptions
  • Private Sick Notes
  • Private Doctor & Nurse Consultations
  • Holiday Vaccinations such as Yellow Fever and Meningitis
  • Chicken Pox Vaccinations

private fees

NHS sick notes are only provided for social security reasons for absences of more that seven days from work.  Self -Certification forms should be used for situation where you have been off work for less than seven days.  Any sick notes can only be given if you have attended the surgery during the time of your illness.

Private letters of referral to Consultants are free of charge